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How Does Using Fresh Tableware Help Save the Environment?

We Reuse Waste Product

The raw material we use is sugarcane bagasse, a fibrous waste product of the sugarcane industry. If not reused, bagasse is often burnt by the farmers.

The smoke from the burning of agricultural wastes mixes with the mist in the winter in India, creating smog. Smog is extremely hazardous to human lungs.

By converting agricultural waste into environment-friendly products we not only reduce air pollution, but also minimize our carbon footprint on the planet as we do not cut any trees in the production of Fresh Tableware.

We are Biodegradable

Did you know that every piece of plastic ever manufactured has not even started biodegrading? It fills vast landfills on the Earth and the ocean and animals choke on it.

Our eco-friendly products are 100% biodegradable and can turn into nourishing compost within 3 months, making us the better option over plastic tableware.

We are the Truly Sustainable Option

We not only avoid cutting trees in our production but also, indirectly, help planting more trees.

Our disposable tableware can turn into compost very quickly (in about 3 months). This compost enriches the fertility of the soil and can help in growing crops, trees, or even sugarcane for the next generation of bagasse to appear and be reused!

Our Mission & Vision 

Our mission and vision is to minimize our footprint on planet earth by using eco-friendly disposable bagasse-based products. We believe that we can bring major changes to the packaging, container, and crockery industry. We aim to convert foul - smelling landfills into lush, grass fields and grey smoky factory landscapes into azure, shiny blue skies! Our vision is to maintain a green lush planet for the next generation of humans to come!

Biodegradable Product Supplier In India

Some more Frequently Asked Questions


What is Bagasse? 

Bagasse is one of the waste products of the sugarcane industry. It is highly fibrous and can be reused to make sturdy bagasse-based products, such as Fresh.

How long does Fresh take to compost? 

Fresh takes about 3 months to turn into compost. You can use this compost as nourishment for farming as it improves the organic content of the soil!

How hygienic is the manufacturing process of Fresh?

We maintain the utmost standards of hygiene and, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have reduced inter-employee exposure and work the product in a germ-free environment.

Does the making of Fresh include cutting of trees?  

Fresh does not need to cut trees in production as it extracts pulp out of bagasse for manufacturing.

What can I use Fresh for? 

Fresh is sturdy, light, and versatile. It can support all ranges of food, from hot to cold and from heavy to light. It can also be used to microwave or refrigerate!

How Safe is Fresh?

Fresh is free from carcinogens, chlorine, and BPA. It does not intermix with the food or its aroma and is completely safe to enjoy a healthy meal!

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